Unraveling Mysteries of Life Reviews

ʺThe book of the Ambassador is an especially interesting reading for a politician because it enumerates the fundamental international political and economic ideas and theorems, which define contemporary international discourse, yet studies them in much deeper, philosophical and moral dimensions. This captivating effect is the reason that the book cannot be put down, the reader is urged to turn page after page.ʺ
Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary

ʺNow, might I take this opportunity to congratulate, yet another time, Mr. Ambassador, for writing a book, which will, in the end, be an eye-opener and a work of guidance for generations of Indologists to come and also for the general reader whose attention is caught by its most engaging title and the two pertinent reviews on the reverse side by Mr. Peter Müller and Mr Michael A. Cremo.ʺ
Dr. Tamas Dezso, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, ELTE University

ʺThe author of ’Unraveling Mysteries of Life’ encourages us to get back to our roots and to the knowledge of our ancestors while he seeks resolution to serious problems, especially economic crisis, poverty, declining human health status or the damage to the eco-system.ʺ
Mrs. Erika Dienes-Nagy in ELÍXIR

ʺGauri Shankar Gupta is – just like his idol Mahatma Gandhi – not only a diplomat, but also a thinker blessed with prophetical endowment, a guardian of the secrets of life which he has chosen to reveal in his latest book ’Unraveling the Mysteries of Life’ by comparing the ancient Eastern wisdom with discoveries of modern Western sciences.ʺ
Mr. Ivan Aigner in DIPLOMATA Magazin

ʺThis is the most wonderful book that I have ever had. I would take this only book to an island with me.ʺ
Ms. Borbála Nagy